Welcome to Matthias Kauer’s lab.

With a child’s enthusiasm for investing and computers, I learned numerical analysis, researched real-time control systems, and developed trading software. Today, I am most interested in quantitative finance, data science, and ‘better’ programming.
Below, you find the tea- or coffee-fueled writing of a crazy scientist. A more concise presentation of my work is in the menu above.

ASP-DAC 2014: Automata-Theoretic Modeling of Fixed-Priority Non-Preemptive Scheduling (2014/02/09) After 2013, we had two contributions in this year’s ASP-DAC. I had discovered that the time discretization underneath the event count automata framework caused problems with fixed-priority non-preemptive scheduling. Since we are convinced that similar issues would... Read more
Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS) 2014 (2014/02/02) I recently had the honor to attend the Global Young Scientist Summit organized by the Singaporeans since 2013. The concept is to invite highly decorated scientists from all over the world to give a talk about their life, their research and their perspective on the... Read more
Rethinking my book management process - Can a TBR list work? (2014/01/22) I got back into reading this year. I’m talking about reading books here - I always read articles for school/work and I don’t think I ever stopped reading blogs / forums and other stuff on the internet either. However, I feel that in order to understand what... Read more
My Chinese Learning - 6 Years Recapitulated (2014/01/14) I am writing this as a recapitulation of my journey towards fluency in Chinese. I am currently struggling and through this process I am trying to accomplish two things. First, I am trying to identify what worked well for me in the past and second, I hope this write-up... Read more
Learning 2013 (2014/01/05) In addition to books, I was also quite busy following online lectures this year. I really like the entire online class movement that coursera and udacity started in 2012. I wonder when we reach the time when reputable and affordable degrees can be obtained online. I... Read more
Books 2013 (2014/01/01) Finally, a good year for books again. It started really well in February when I got my Kindle Paperwhite. Overall I read 23 books in 2013 (none of the following books pay me by the way). It’s not a lot, but it’s a massive improvement over 2012 where I... Read more
Rolling out my own wordpress backup script (Python/wget/mysqldump) (2013/12/21) This activity was not planned for today and I’m a bit torn whether I should be happy that I did it immediately and solved a problem or mad because I put off other things that were planned. Anyhow, I was toying around with wordpress again today, trying to get an... Read more
Oh OneNote 2010: Why is it so hard to leave you? (2013/12/12) 2017-11-12: I sort of converted to simplenote for now. In other words, I am relying completely on text files. vimwiki is another project that I’m very interested in. This post is going to be mainly about OneNote, its virtues and vices, but for me it’s... Read more
SWIG for Python - Cmake and a speed comparison (2013/11/18) SWIG is a wrapper that allows interacting with compiled C/C++ libraries from various scripting language. So far, I have used it successfully with Octave (on Linux) and Python (on Windows). Now, I wanted to know two things: How much time is lost when transmitting data... Read more
Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2013, Austin, TX (2013/11/10) I know this post rather late, given that the Design Automation Conference was already in June. This is my second conference after ASP-DAC 2013 in Japan earlier this year. The paper I presented there can be found online by now: http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2463209.2488926.... Read more
New Ubuntu servers: first steps - ssh login via certificate and x2go (2013/08/22) 2017-11-12: Wow, I’m not sure if I’d still it that way. I really like Ansible now. I’m still bad at security but I realize it now. I am overseas again for a while and I still want to connect to all of my machines in the ever-growing park. This will... Read more
Tutorial: Mixing C++ and Python on Windows with SWIG and Visual Studio Express 2012 (2013/08/08) Before I begin: Here is the full example project for your convenience: minimal.zip. It needs to be built in “Release” configuration Introduction Here’s the situation I was facing: I need an ordinary differential equation solver to provide simulated... Read more