Welcome to Matthias Kauer’s lab.

With a child’s enthusiasm for investing and computers, I learned numerical analysis, researched real-time control systems, and developed trading software. Today, I am most interested in quantitative finance, data science, and ‘better’ programming.
Below, you find the tea- or coffee-fueled writing of a crazy scientist. A more concise presentation of my work is in the menu above.

Dental Care: Minimum Effort for Maximum Effect (2014/11/22) Disclaimer: This a translation of material that Dr. Joachim Wagner, dentist in Leverkusen, published on his German web site zahnfilm.de. Please note that you need to draw your own conclusions from this material because neither him nor me can assume any responsibility... Read more
Byron Wien: Open-Ended Situations (2014/11/12) I am still regularly listening to Barry Ritholtz’ new podcast that I had mentioned in my post two months ago”). In the last episode, he interviewed Byron Wien, over 80 years old, now chairman of Blackstone Group. Wien provided a lot of insight on, e.g., the... Read more
Watches Part 3: Tech watches (2014/11/03) 2017-11-13: I actually did stop caring about watches for quite a while after this. Still quite happy with the WS200H I ended up with. I’m not sure if I really thought that I could stop after my last post on watches, but I certainly did more research after that. In... Read more
5 Links for October 2014 (2014/11/02) A collection from around the interwebs. Dr. Paulo Moore on Lifehacker advising on how to fix forward head posture (chicken head) that most of us suffer from. Benny Lewis and Tim Ferriss on how to learn any foreign language. I agree with most of their tips. Just their... Read more
Watches 2014: 2nd and Hopefully Last Part (2014/10/28) I haven’t really figured out why I’m looking at so many watches. I also briefly looked for a new cellphone and a sleep tracking device. Time spent there was negligible in comparison so far and I never reached the point where I considered starting a... Read more
Responsive Photo Galleries 2014 - Part 1: Commercial Offerings (2014/10/21) Reasoning and Use Case After years of simply storing my pictures locally, avoiding Facebook and its siblings for privacy issues, I suddenly wanted to actually share photos again. My use case appears to be somewhat untypical. Most offerings are catered either to people... Read more
Bye Minimalism - new watch favourites (Mako, Eco Drive, Le Locle) (2014/10/15) I admit it bothers me a little that I feel this big urge to buy another watch at the moment. I had bought a Casio LIW-M610D-1AER early this year for a little under 200 EUR and had hoped this would be it. See (German) forum thread and image from there (please contact me... Read more
Astrophysics or Finance (Ritholtz & Arnott) (2014/08/12) I ran across Barry Ritholtz’ new podcast series. I had been an avid follower of his blog last year. The content is top, but I can’t keep up with the sheer volume he puts out. The new “Masters in Business Podcast” he’s doing on Bloomberg... Read more
Posteo and why I am changing my mail email address again (2014/04/08) Dear friends, I am seeking your understanding for changing my email address yet again. I know it’s a hassle to keep track of and I hope this will be the last change. I believe most of you read this because I put it into my signature and should thus already know my... Read more
Private Value Investing - Is it worth it? (2014/03/02) How much capital do I need to justify the effort and maybe the cost for information required for value investing versus simply buying index funds? This doesn’t answer whether you can live off your investment, it only answers whether your time is spent wisely or... Read more
Upper Intermediate Chinese podcasts (2014/02/23) In the aftermath of my Chinese learning recapitulation, I got a short motivation straw-fire. As of now, it has fizzled because I found more worthwhile side projects than the Chinese language. I was also rather pleased that I understood a lot more during my last trip to... Read more
A speed comparison of Python, Cython and C++ (2014/02/16) Topcoder recently allowed the usage of Python in their single-round matches. On a side-note, I would recommend these to anyone who reached an intermediate level in programming and wants to stay sharp (Java, C++, C#, Python are now all possible). I haven’t done... Read more