Welcome to Matthias Kauer’s lab.

With a child’s enthusiasm for investing and computers, I learned numerical analysis, researched real-time control systems, and developed trading software. Today, I am most interested in quantitative finance, data science, and ‘better’ programming.
Below, you find the tea- or coffee-fueled writing of a crazy scientist. A more concise presentation of my work is in the menu above.

The SGD->EUR bitcoin route - Part 1 (itbit) (2015/06/20) Update 2016-11-26: It looks like this does no longer work. itbit does no longer accept SGD deposits. I’m not sure if this is a regulation-driven or a pure business decision. It looks like I have finally stumbled upon a real use case scenario for Bitcoin. An... Read more
Xylitol - A sweetener that helps your teeth (2015/06/13) Disclaimer I’m not a dentist nor do I play one on TV. Whatever conclusions you draw from this writing are your own and you alone bear the responsibility for your actions. Introduction I am using Xylitol for almost three years now because I believe it improves my... Read more
5 Links from April & May 2015 (2015/06/06) Bitcoin (or rather a representative vehicle GBTC) can now be bought on standard regulated exchanges. Consider yahoo finance GBTC! Starvation diet (800kcal/day) can help reverse diabetes (Daughty for dailymail) Seth Godin reminds us that we need to know the masters of... Read more
Upcycling - some pricing thoughts, but many examples (2015/05/24) I’m currently back home in Europe and discovered (again?) that social enterprises are much more common here than they are in Singapore. Walking through Vienna, we discovered upcycled goods - mostly bags - everywhere. The upcycling industry takes sturdy material... Read more
Kowalcyk's silver searcher windows port is down - I'm uploading old version for instant help (2015/05/24) Update 2015-06-04: It appears that Kowalczyk’s site is back. The last version there is from 2014-08. I recommend you use that one over the one I uploaded two weeks ago. Here’s another mirror: ag2014-08 I’m configuring my new Win8 machine and it turns... Read more
5 Links from February & March 2015 (2015/03/31) Thompson on qz.com: How I made sure all 12 of my kids could pay for college themselves Morgan Housel at fool.com explains that he learned how stupid we really are (with a particular focus on investing). His closing sentence made me smile: ‘I’ve learned that... Read more
Install boot-repair on Debian from Ubuntu PPA (2015/03/22) This post is mainly so I remember how this worked myself, but I maybe it’ll be useful for others as well. boot-repair is a tool that helps you get your GRUB settings right post installation. I need it to get dual installations right. Ready-made script (installs... Read more
5 Links from December 2014 & January 2015 (2015/01/28) I’m behind schedule again, so I’ll combine this post 🙂 77-year-old grandmother Willie Murphy deadlifts 215 pounds and talks about the benefits lifting had on her life. (German) Can a judge order the measurement of the defendant’s penis? Not in... Read more
Weighttraining 2014 - logs and personal records (2015/01/06) January - February I focused on improving my pullups and my running during these months. During most weeks I did a workout of 3x (Pullups + Pistols + Dips + Jump + Leg Lift / Dragonflag + Stretch) + 3x3min Rope Skip + Monkey bar twice a week and another 40m run or... Read more
pyBumper, my open-source email reminder service (2014/12/11) About a year ago, I began programming a small email reminder service in the spirit of followupthen or nudgemail. I felt that what they did should be rather easy to replicate (I was wrong, but it was still not too difficult) and I didn’t want to have my data on... Read more
Safe mobile instant messaging (aka: encrypted Whatsapp) (2014/12/07) 2017-11-13: I couldn’t convince anyone to try Surespot with me. I’m still using Whatsapp and Telegram regularly. I am interested in encrypting as much of my communication as possible, so I looked for a Whatsapp alternative. Note that since I began my little... Read more
5 Links from November 2014 (2014/12/01) Australian news.com.au puts out a calculator that tells you when you will be millionaire, depending on how much you save and how much your interest is. Omits inflation, but still fun to play around. In line with this, here is FIRECalc. Given a starting portfolio and... Read more