matthias on 2017/11/20

I just graduated from my PhD program, 18 months after submitting my thesis (March 2016), 69 months after I started my research (Jan 2012), 27 months after I thought I’d be done (3.5 years felt realistic initially).

I also just left Hamburg and my job because I had realized that the city wasn’t for me.

Now, I am

  • traveling.
  • studying programming languages because I want to understand how common computing problems are solved in other major ecosystems.
  • improving my focus and one-man project management: too much work in progress and unplanned work really feels like an issue I can and should address.
  • thinking about what I want to do next.

Systematic trading is still interesting because it combines so many of my interests. There are, of course, firms where I could learn a lot. The options for a one-man shop have also vastly improved since I last thought about that.

Other topics, I find interesting are machine learning and distributed web back-ends.

In early December, I will be back in Munich. Hopefully there will be a few good discussions and interesting projects there.

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