5 Links from September 2015

matthias on 2015/09/27

  1. This old Oracle blog is a real gem. Miss Davidson vents against security researchers who keep breaking Oracle products. It’s way overboard, but I must agree that the whole security industry would be far more accepted if they’d find a way to sell people the fish.
  2. nginx (yes, the company behind the OS web server) publishes a series about micro services. I stumbled upon this when trying to understand what these are about and liked the neutral position this article took. In particular, I heed the warning that the startup cost is much higher with this approach. Consider, e.g., testing difficulties! I don’t immediately see where I would need this architecture in my small projects. They are not intended for them either. I have a project in mind, however, that fetches data using, say, Java and displays the data using Python later on.
  3. Climate change is real. Holthaus at rollingstone.com summarizes the effects we have witnessed this year that one may attribute to climate change. NASA scientist Hansen warns that “[if emissions aren’t cut] We conclude that multi-meter sea-level rise would become practically unavoidable”;. At the same time we don’t see much change, especially with the low oil price. Looks like we’re in for a wild ride. Did I mention I tend to be on the paranoid side of things?
  4. Microsoft releases Visual Studio Code for Linux. It’s still labeled ‘Preview’ and I haven’t tested it. I’m very happy about the gesture, however.
  5. Sergey Zubkov disagrees with the Google Style for C++ on LinkedIn. An interesting and educated counter point. This certainly reassured me in my use of streams and constructor initialization. Remember that exceptions have also been called the new ‘goto’ by many reputable programmers, however. Consider Joel Spolsky from 2003 or this msdn blog post about the intricacies that exceptions introduce.