Links from July 2015

matthias on 2015/08/01

  1. Gigablast is an open source search engine that you can run on your own hardware. Quite cool even though I’m unlikely to spend the setup effort at this point. You can also use it from their site though.
  2. T-nation (NSFW, bodybuilding images) tells us what to drink. Tap water and green tea are the favorites. Their own supplement is also great; hear hear! Coffee is ok. Juice and almond milk are mediocre. Beer is as good (or average) as wine.
  3. Parallela wants to build a cloud-based super computer for academia using their own highly efficient embedded parallel computing platforms (16 cores for around 200 USD). There’s currently 1700 cores online at
  4. Godin writes about marketing to the organization. What makes you think you can find clients if you cannot convince your peers or boss?
  5. In Germany, it turns out you have to check your spam folder daily if you list your email address as a contact of your business. Lawyer was liable after he missed a deadline for a client whose email was sorted out as spam (Kanzlei Dr. Bahr - German).