5 Links from August 2015

matthias on 2015/08/29

  1. Clenow builds a research library with trend following papers. This is a good selection of SSRN papers I’d like to read over time.
  2. The Atlantic describes the new “Pay per page read” system that Amazon has set up for the Kindle. I wonder if people will still find ways to game this system. The author mentions that cliffhangers are a decent way to try.
  3. The Atlantic (in Sep 2013) describes Neuroracer, a game that can help you rebuild your attention span; supposedly. Further online search finds that the game is not available to the public. They mention a company that produces a game based on their finding; it looks like it’s essentially the same people but they’re not selling to the public either.
  4. onethingwell is an amazing blog that keeps displaying amazing small programs that “do one thing well” in the Linux spirit. The platforms vary, however. I have found a few amazing applications there already. If only it wasn’t tumblr-based 🙂
  5. Lowendbox does a review of customer support review at cheap server providers. I have to admit that the results are far better than I had expected 🙂