Links from June 2015

matthias on 2015/06/28

  1. Microsoft lets you download ready-made virtual machines to test IE 11. The machines expire after 90 days, but you can create a snapshot and roll back to it later. This may be the quickest way to test drive Windows 10! Overview from with more virtual machine images here.
  2. Jeff Atwood warns that your password cannot really be long enough. Check out the brute force time meter he mentions and the password extension method they suggest. “%%%My%%%Password%%%” is certainly more secure than “MyPassword” and not dramatically more difficult to remember. I wonder how easy it would be to adapt rainbow table searching for this. My hunch is that it’s rather difficult (% could be any character after all), but it ultimately depends upon how many other users will create their passwords in this fashion, i.e., how interesting the adaptation is.
  3. IEEE Spectrum: 4 companies plan to have self-driving taxis by 2020! Zoox is an interesting startup they focus on, but Google, Nissan, and Uber have similar plans.
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger criticizes what bodybuilding has turned into. “You’ve got to look at everything, for instance so many of those guys have their stomachs sticking out….it used to be that you should have a V-shaped body, now it’s like, I dunno, a bottle shaped body or something like that”
  5. There’s a critical bug in NetUSB that many home routers rely on ( It turns out that OpenWRT is not affected (developer in forum).