5 Links from April & May 2015

matthias on 2015/06/06

  1. Bitcoin (or rather a representative vehicle GBTC) can now be bought on standard regulated exchanges. Consider yahoo finance GBTC!
  2. Starvation diet (800kcal/day) can help reverse diabetes (Daughty for dailymail)
  3. Seth Godin reminds us that we need to know the masters of our field if we want to have credibility.
  4. Namecoin allows registration of .bit domains in their distributed DNS. Similar schemes are available through Emercoin and NXT. For the time being, it appears that you have to adjust your local DNS settings to access these domains however (for instance by switching to OpenNIC who adopted these networks). Unfortunately this means that it’s highly unlikely that Average Joe will ever visit your new .bit domain.
  5. Ritholtz about the economic recovery in the US. Education and location unsurprisingly matter a great deal in how you fare. I keep wondering however if that is really causal; in other words, are driven people just more likely to pursue degrees or do these degrees (or what they learn) explain all the difference?