Kowalcyk's silver searcher windows port is down - I'm uploading old version for instant help

matthias on 2015/05/24

Update 2015-06-04: It appears that Kowalczyk’s site is back. The last version there is from 2014-08. I recommend you use that one over the one I uploaded two weeks ago. Here’s another mirror: ag2014-08

I’m configuring my new Win8 machine and it turns out that the windows port of ag from Krzysztof Kowalczyk does not list a download version at the moment.

To help myself and hopefully others, I’m uploading an old version from my Win7 machine that I downloaded in 2013. The newest version on the main site is 0.30 for reference.

Read this if you have no clue what ag is about, but want to know more. In brief: it’s a command line text search tool.

Download 0.18 here!