Weighttraining 2014 - logs and personal records

matthias on 2015/01/06

January - February

I focused on improving my pullups and my running during these months. During most weeks I did a workout of 3x (Pullups + Pistols + Dips + Jump + Leg Lift / Dragonflag + Stretch) + 3x3min Rope Skip + Monkey bar twice a week and another 40m run or sprint training workout. I worked up to a pullup record of 18 on 2014-02-10.


Got sick after traveling, spent some time in Germany. Little bit of hiking and one strength session, but nothing big.

April - August

Started training again. Went to Singapore gym where weights are a little limited so I focused on Front Squat and Front Press where I cannot move that much. Did one workout of 3x5 for both squat and press and one circuit as I described in January per week. Sometimes I ran home from work for around 50 min.

Competed in the Green Corridor Run on 2014-05-18. 10.5km in 52:30 min in a real mud fest. Not too unhappy given that my running preparation was meh.

Achieved 19 pullups on 2014-07-23 (still not 20 =X), 2x70kg Front Press @82kg BW on 2014-08-10 beating my record of 3x67.5kg from years ago by a mere kg in the 1RM calculator and 1x125kg Front Squat and 2x120kg Front Squat @82kg BW on 2014-08-10.

September & October

Spent time traveling, got a cold afterwards and had to sit out. Went sailing instead of training for the entire October. Training-wise, this was a pretty relaxing time.

November & December

During my visit at MIT, I finally had access to a decent, even excellent, gym again. I was busy with work however and opted for a twice per week approach that I supplemented with a very short workout on most mornings. The focus was on Sumo Deadlift and Bench Press. After 7 weeks, I was able to terminate this cycle with two personal records: 2x102.2kg Bench over 1x100kg and 1x175kg over something around 160kg years ago; body weight was slightly under 83kg now, more like 85+ kg then. Really, really happy 🙂