5 Links from December 2014 & January 2015

matthias on 2015/01/28

I’m behind schedule again, so I’ll combine this post 🙂

  1. 77-year-old grandmother Willie Murphy deadlifts 215 pounds and talks about the benefits lifting had on her life.
  2. (German) Can a judge order the measurement of the defendant’s penis? Not in Germany, for now.
  3. Bill Gates explains (or claims?) that many jobs will be taken over by robots. Also consider this related article with details on especially endangered jobs.
  4. scooby comparing training programs. He’s been running a great website on home training a while. I don’t agree with everything, but this is the most reasonable comparison I have seen.
  5. Hyght posts new strategies for fat loss on T-Nation (typical pictures for bodybuilding there); steady state cardio after HIIT sounds like a great idea. I suggest you dig into the research he links a bit before doing it.