5 Links from November 2014

matthias on 2014/12/01

  1. Australian news.com.au puts out a calculator that tells you when you will be millionaire, depending on how much you save and how much your interest is. Omits inflation, but still fun to play around.
  2. In line with this, here is FIRECalc. Given a starting portfolio and your planned annual spending it tells you how likely you are to go broke. This likelihood is of course calculated from historical data and the future could be completely different, but it still offers great insight.
  3. Hunger improves strategic decision making. Open access journal article.
  4. Farnam Street: How Sugar Affects the Brain; also consider the links to mindless eating and the omnivore’s dilemma; can’t believe I didn’t see this 3 years ago.
  5. Jeff Atwood (guy behind stackoverflow) on why and how we should put incentives on reading, not just posting in online forums.