5 Links for October 2014

matthias on 2014/11/02

A collection from around the interwebs.

  1. Dr. Paulo Moore on Lifehacker advising on how to fix forward head posture (chicken head) that most of us suffer from.
  2. Benny Lewis and Tim Ferriss on how to learn any foreign language. I agree with most of their tips. Just their progress claims feel somewhat outlandish. I might be pessimistic, but for now I don’t even see additional anecdotal evidence.
  3. GE’s funny twist on infomercials. Amazing!
  4. Seen in the New York Museum of Modern Art: 75 Watt refers to the output of a standard human over 8h. It is a product and a short movie that invokes thought about assembly lines.
  5. Mine Kafon, seen in the same museum, is a cheap, bamboo+plastic device that can roll over a minefield like a tumbleweed to clear at a significantly cheaper price than the methods used today. If I understand correctly, it is not used on any large scale yet though.