Watches 2014: 2nd and Hopefully Last Part

matthias on 2014/10/28

I haven’t really figured out why I’m looking at so many watches. I also briefly looked for a new cellphone and a sleep tracking device. Time spent there was negligible in comparison so far and I never reached the point where I considered starting a collection.

I still have some hope that I won’t buy anything or at most one. Nevertheless, here are some more models that I found interesting.

Orient Bambino

After discovering the Orient Mako that I mentioned in my last post, I dug a bit more on their web site and found the Bambino, arguably their most popular dress watch. Check the excellent review at Worn&Wound. I’m borrowing one picture from there.

At 41x12mm, it is considered big for a dress watch as I recently learned. It again uses an excellent Orient in-house movement and what sets it apart is the classic glass dome. This beauty can be had for 150 USD online.

There’s a newer version with Roman numerals (Worn&Wound review), but I prefer the cleaner, older version.

Orient Symphony

The Orient Symphony is somewhat similar to the Bambino. At a similar 41x12mm size, it does not feature a dome, i.e., the glass is flat and it has an exhibition meaning you can see the mechanic movement on the back. I have seen it online for as little as 100 USD.

PerpetuaL GMT

PerpetuaL is a Chinese automatic watch manufacturer that deserves special mention. It is very popular on the forums and seems to produce value for money watches. Since they are still rather small there is a long waiting list for almost all of their models however.

I may have liked the GMT (shown above), but it is sold out. Good for me, I suppose.