Posteo and why I am changing my mail email address again

matthias on 2014/04/08

Dear friends,

I am seeking your understanding for changing my email address yet again. I know it’s a hassle to keep track of and I hope this will be the last change.

I believe most of you read this because I put it into my signature and should thus already know my new email address. For those who don’t it is {first letter of first name}-{last name} at

I’ll start with a review of email providers that I used in the past, why I’m not using them anymore and whether I’m still accessing them.

  • was my first personal email. Its free version has always been rather restrictive when it comes to attachment size and storage space. I left this as soon as I found something better. I don’t think many of you still remember the address, but if you do, please don’t send there anymore!
  • GMX ( or for instance) is another German email provider that I used for a long time. Less restrictive and less obnoxious than I didn’t like the web interface however, they didn’t allow IMAP at the time and would send you advertising emails. I am still checking emails there from time, but I’d like to slowly phase it out.
  • Googlemail was the next step. Plenty of storage and great email caught me. Android integration is still appealing to this day. I don’t like my emails to be read however and I don’t like ads either (ok, they’re subtle). I also can’t stand the way they’re implementing their labels in the IMAP server. It leads to Thunderbird downloading every email multiple times. I am still checking emails there from time, but I’d like to slowly phase it out.
  • Personal web space with email. Recently, I have written many of you from my personal domain I thought this would be the final step for my, but alas it’s not. Unfortunately sending from my own domain came with two unforeseen issues. Web hosts mostly care about their web server and much less about the freebie email server they provide on the side. Filtering is often a pain and data safety wasn’t stellar either. Most importantly, it also happens that my domain isn’t among the most important domains yet and thus the emails I sent would end up in spam filters more often than I would’ve liked. Discussions I had about this with, e.g., Microsoft went nowhere - to nobody’s surprise. Emails that are sent there are all forwarded to my new address so nothing should be lost.

Since a couple of weeks I am now with the German email provider posteo. They take privacy seriously (this is a big topic in Germany since the NSA issues became public), they’re big enough not to get stuck in spam filters unnecessarily and they’re free of ads. The downside is that they cost a bit of money and the storage space isn’t huge, especially compared to googlemail. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope this will be the last step.

Fingers crossed!

Best regards, Matthias