Tiny Tiny RSS (since google reader will leave us soon)

matthias on 2013/04/20

The news that google will scrap google reader came as quite of a shock to me (and many others probably).

There have been lots of other services advertised that supposedly deliver the same or even better service.

I will first try the open source route however b/c that way I don’t need to rely on anyone else to run the service for me.

I am following the (simple) guide from


along with the original notes from tt-rss. Most importantly, understand the update model before you decide to go that route: http://tt-rss.org/redmine/projects/tt-rss/wiki/UpdatingFeeds

On my webhost I don’t have access to a cronjob - at least with the minimal package I currently have - so I’m going for the simple update method.

Installing the SQL schemas and adjusting the config.php was straightforward. Most of the time was spent uploading small files via FTP - probably should’ve figured out a way to unpack the archive online instead of on my local harddisk…

30min later: upload now done and it seems to work fine. I’ll be a good boy though and test it some more before I publish this to comment on it 🙂

Ok now that I have been using this for over two weeks, I don’t think I will move away from it anymore 🙂 It is somewhat less responsive and comfortable than google reader of course, but not so much that I would like to be locked in somewhere else anymore 🙂

Plugin-wise I activated the googlereader hotkeys (b/c otherwise up/down keys wouldn’t scroll but jump to the next article instead) and the pocket / read it later plugin (this one could use a reduction of clicks, but it’s working)

2017-11-12: I am still using ttrss. My setup is insecure as hell but it works -_-