Zivot’s Intro to Computational Finance - Wrapping Up

matthias on 2013/03/03

Following up on my two previous posts: Mid-Term and Initial

I participated in Zivot’s Computational Finance course on Coursera and kept track of my progress here. Now the class is over and yesterday I finished the final exam.

Overall, I’d still recommend the course to everyone who is interested in the stock market. The programming assignments were not particularly difficult, but they taught or rather retaught me R quite well.

I even have an idea on how to use statistics in the embedded systems area for reliability considerations.

Overall though, I have planned not to do online classes anymore unless they really pertain to a topic that I’m currently working on. They help me very much with getting a quick impression and some skills for a certain topic. Finally though, they won’t replace books and of course actual practical work.


Finally, if you want to get an overview of what the course is about: Here are the notes I took throughout: Zivot - Computational Finance, Notes in mindmap form