Welcome to Matthias Kauer’s lab.

With a child’s enthusiasm for investing and computers, I learned numerical analysis, researched real-time control systems, and developed trading software. Today, I am most interested in quantitative finance, data science, and ‘better’ programming.
Below, you find the tea- or coffee-fueled writing of a crazy scientist. A more concise presentation of my work is in the menu above.

Displaying full content in RSS with Hugo (2017/12/06) After deployment, the default RSS feed of Hugo had several issues for me that I now adjusted: full article content in the feed, only blog posts, limit to last 15 posts. Read more
Successfully converted from Wordpress to Hugo (2017/11/22) I hit 'deploy'. While I thought I could conclude this conversion in 3 days, it took almost a week. It turns out that colors and similar elements are particularly difficult to consider 'done'. Read more
Converting from Wordpress to Hugo (2017/11/15) It has been rather quiet on this site for a while. You can all guess what the main reason for that is. There were a lot of things going on in my life in 2016 and 2017 but this post is not about that. Since September 2017, I have had more time for my personal projects... Read more
Testing static site generation (2017/11/12) This is a test post. Its main purpose is to help me see that features of hugo, the static site generator I am using, are working properly. Permalinks For consistency reasons, this post should live at /2017/11/testing-static-site-generation. This is the actual full and... Read more
5 Links from September 2015 (2015/09/27) This old Oracle blog is a real gem. Miss Davidson vents against security researchers who keep breaking Oracle products. It’s way overboard, but I must agree that the whole security industry would be far more accepted if they’d find a way to sell people the... Read more
Responsive Photo Galleries Part 2: Free self-hosted options (2015/09/13) This is a followup of Part1 where I talked about commercial offerings. Use Case Repeated I am still taking pictures that I would like to show to family and friends. My photography skills haven’t improved much since the last writing and I still don’t want to... Read more
5 Links from August 2015 (2015/08/29) Clenow builds a research library with trend following papers. This is a good selection of SSRN papers I’d like to read over time. The Atlantic describes the new “Pay per page read” system that Amazon has set up for the Kindle. I wonder if people will... Read more
Books 2015 Q1 & Q2 (2015/08/15) The first half of this year has been a tremendous episode for me reading-wise. I almost doubled my reading compared to the last years, coming in at 28 books. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing because one must always wonder where the additional reading time... Read more
Command Line Accounting - A look at the various ledger ports (2015/08/09) Command line accounting - Overview I have recently stumbled upon the idea of command line accounting. For quite a while I have now managed my books with gnucash. I am not unhappy with it, but I believe that ledger or one of its brothers may do better with the following... Read more
Links from July 2015 (2015/08/01) Gigablast is an open source search engine that you can run on your own hardware. Quite cool even though I’m unlikely to spend the setup effort at this point. You can also use it from their site though. T-nation (NSFW, bodybuilding images) tells us what to drink.... Read more
Books 2014 (2015/07/18) After 23 books in 2013, I expected 2014 to be about on par. I started out strong in January; February to June were dominated by my CFA studies, but I finished strong to reach 30 books in total. If I had to recommend one book from everything I read in 2014 it would be... Read more
Links from June 2015 (2015/06/28) Microsoft lets you download ready-made virtual machines to test IE 11. The machines expire after 90 days, but you can create a snapshot and roll back to it later. This may be the quickest way to test drive Windows 10! Overview from sysprobs.com with more virtual machine... Read more